Cannabis Legislation: Fighting Fire with Fire

ak-cannabisI recently listened to a podcast by our affiliate The Musing Monkey and the interview with Ryan Smith (you can find it here). I was touched by the stories of medical cannabis patients who have suffered at the hands of the bureaucrats in Alaska like Cynthia Franklin, who is the head of the Marijuana Control Board, that use their position and authority to push their own agenda regardless of the law and who it hurts. This isn’t something unique to Alaska though, it’s a huge problem across the United States from presidential hopefuls like Christie to small time pleebs like Cynthia Franklin. Well I have a warning for politicians and bureaucrats like them. The cannabis industry is a growing power and influence in this country.

We are all aware of the power that big money has in politics and the influence it plays in shaping laws and regulation in this country. While it may disgust us on many levels, it’s not something that’s going to go away. Well I say, let’s fight fire with fire. There will be a powerful cannabis lobby and we will have a say in the future of elections and government in states like Alaska as well as the rest of the country. People in power and authority who insist on abusing their powers, usurping powers (listen to the podcast) from others, and denying citizens their rights, will have a day of reckoning. Be assured that political donations, lobbying, ad campaigns, and grassroots movement support will sway future elections and remove those who would deny Americans their rights. The politicians today who stand in the way of legalized cannabis, a natural plant that’s a safe and healthy alternative to alcohol, opiates and other pharmaceuticals, will be out of job tomorrow.

I’m talking about using the system that, for decades, has been used against cannabis by the big pharma, paper, textiles and other companies, to change the conversation and the laws and set cannabis free. Let’s put our money and growing power to work and fight fire with fire and replace bureaucrats like Cynthia Franklin with representatives who serve the people and protect our rights, not stomp on them. It’s time to put moralist bureaucrats, whether religious, political, or otherwise who think their opinion and beliefs about cannabis are the only right ones out on the street and out of a job.


– Joshua Furlong, Cheeky Monkey™ Secretary & COO

Joshua Furlong is a Colorado native and businessman. He is co-founder of Cheeky Monkey™. He currently lives in Denver and has worked most recently in the New Home Sales market. He has a Bachelor’s of Business from Colorado Technical University. He has worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq and spent his early career as a professional driver in the trucking industry. His personal philosophy is Veritas in virtus per libertas (Truth in virtue through Liberty).

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