National Cannabis Week Post 420 Wrap-Up

vancouver-420As National Cannabis Week (or “420” week), comes to an end we wanted to look back on one of the collectively biggest pro marijuana series of events in history! As widespread cannabis legalization and acceptance continues to grow every year (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska already have full recreational laws), 2016 was no different featuring events around the world for pro cannabis rallies, social gatherings, competitions, smoke-outs and weddings.

Here’s a sampling of events that went on around the world:

Taking place at the Pot Luck Events Club, a private cannabis smoking and events club, Alaska’s 2nd Annual 420 Blaze fest was a huge success with cannabis aficionados catered by our own Chief Product Officer Andrew Campbell, also of Alaska Thunder Skunk and participating with his new strain of the month, Matanuska Thunder Monkey. Social events, product samplings, and a “best strain” competition took place with first place winning a trip to Amsterdam. Cheeky Monkey™ was in attendance to support a great example of legal cannabis bringing the Alaska community together.

Denver and many parts of Colorado had some of the largest events ever like the annual downtown smoke-out rally, the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards, 420 Eve on the Rocks a huge concert held at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and hundreds of individual shop, grower, and celebrity events statewide.

In Vermont, students at the University of Vermont campus gathered to celebrate the event, and in New Hampshire, dozens of people smoked marijuana on the Statehouse lawn in Concord despite either state having no recreational / legalization laws.

In Nevada, which legalized medical cannabis use in 2013, many cannabis businesses celebrated enormous grand opening ceremonies, such as the Cannabis Chapel, which offered customers a pot-themed wedding package including a cannabis bouquet.

Internationally, this year the U.N. met to discuss descheduling marijuana as a dangerous drug worldwide, which let to many rallies in other countries as well: India, the Philippines, France, Germany and Portugal all have individual pro-cannabis marches and rallies. In Canada, looking to legalization nationwide in 2017, a hugely successful 420 rally was held in Vancouver in celebration of their country’s growing acceptance.

Overall, we see this as fantastic proof that cannabis is becoming more and more normalized across the world.

Happy 420 week all!



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