Mat Su Valley Moratorium Vetoed

Citizens and Advocates in the Valley Demonstrate the Value in Unity and Strength

matsu-borough-meeting-1Borough initiative 16-046 was vetoed by Borough Mayor Vern Halter and is a win for Mat Su Valley citizens in Alaska.

This veto keeps an unenforceable and unnecessary statute from being put into place since licenses will not even be available until after the moratorium was to end.

What this unanimous initiative vote by the council revealed the obvious bias against a legal and very safe industry. This bias lead the elected Representatives to the point of wasting Borough time and resources. This begs the question, were they just trying to make a statement? Is it really worth the citizens resources for actions such as these?

matsu-borough-meeting-2Regardless of the intent, Mayor Halter logically and rationally made a decision which will save time, resources, and legal fights.
A coalition of Borough residents and Alaskan citizens stood loud and proud in front of the Assembly. They spoke with respect, they spoke with knowledgeable testimonies.

Craftsman and Doctors, Lawyers and Laymen. Families and Farmers. Grandparents and even our very own Alaskan Mushers stood together.

They stand as Alaskans. They stand as Americans.

-Cheeky Monkey Blog Staff

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