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Hello Cheeky followers and happy 4/20!

As you may know, Cheeky Monkey™ has launched our first official product via IndieGoGo. As a follow up to this goal, we wanted to share the story of our journey to this point in the hopes that you’ll find our path to become the champion of cannabis brands the right one!

Cheeky Monkey™ started as a concept in 2015, originally developed by two brothers – Johnny and Joshua Furlong, and their long term friend and cannabis expert, Andrew Campbell. Each came from diverse backgrounds:  Johnny with a history in marketing and corporate logistics, Josh in real estate and big business management, and Andrew in engineering and horticulture. The original Cheeky Monkeys formed to create a dream team to build a business that changes how cannabis is viewed as a whole.

Working with a small amount of startup capital, the Cheeky Monkey™  founders built the brand from the ground up – developing their logo, marketing materials, website, business plan and home grown cannabis products and strains entirely in house by our amazing and constantly growing operations team. Our goal being to create a perfect scaling cannabis business model step-by-step.

In the months following, Cheeky Monkey™ continues to grow. We’ve won multiple Cannabis Classic awards and continue to participate in their events, have recently joined the Sensi Media group in Colorado, and have launched the campaign for our first product – the Chi Stick vape cartridge. There’s plenty more to come!

We aim for generational change in how cannabis and its community are viewed and integrated into society and to become the brand leader in the cannabis marketplace.

We’d love for you to join us in this endeavor.

Please follow us on social media, share with your friends and help back our campaign on IndieGoGo. Thank you and #BeCurious!

-Tom Benway
Director, Digital Media Development

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