Cheeky Monkey™ IndieGoGo is LIVE and Running!

Hello Cheeky Monkey™ followers! With great joy we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign to support Cheeky Monkey™ and our first high-grade vape product, the Chi Stick™. This is YOUR opportunity to get involved in making the Cheeky Monkey™ vision for future cannabis store-fronts into a reality.

Cheeky Monkey™ is more than just a brand, more than a retail store or branded products: it’s a way of life, a life style that every adult should be able to enjoy cannabis without fear of stigma or persecution and without shame. We are changing the conversation, you are changing the conversation.

As of April 2017, we have launched our IndieGoGo campaign to raise $150,000 to release our first product, the Chi-Stick. This award-winning THC vape cartridge will be the avenue for us to take Cheeky Monkey™ into our next stage of development and provide the revenue and marketing to enable us to open the first Cheeky Monkey LoungeStore in Denver, CO in 2018.

We are asking each of you to go to our IndieGoGo campaign and help us bring Cheeky Monkey™ to life by making whatever donation you feel you can. Every dollar you donate will go into bringing Cheeky Monkey™ from a startup concept into a revenue generating, conversation changing reality. Imagine being able to say that you were there at the beginning.

Please watch this great video produced by our Chief Product Officer, Andrew Campbell to get an idea of our vision:

We are also asking that each of you tell your friends, co-workers, and family members to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Share Cheeky Monkey™ and help us change the way that society and culture view cannabis. Help us bring cannabis out of the black light and into the day light and help us build a successful business that wasn’t created by Big Money and Big Business, but was created by a group of everyday people who shared a dream and vision, a dream and vision that you have shared with us on this journey.

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-Joshua Furlong
President and Co-Founder

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