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Cheeky Monkey™ is a new start up company which will offer retail LoungeStore™s that take head shops, vape shops, merchandise and supplies and bring them into a clean, sophisticated, and fun adult atmosphere.




cmak-home-header-vape-guyCheeky Monkey™ presents cannabis and other recreational activities in an atmosphere that is fitting for both beginners and aficionados. Offering not only a positive shopping experience, but also an atmosphere that invites one to eat, lounge, or join the private smoking club where vape and cannabis is offered for sale/rent and members can bring their own bud and partake and share with others. Cheeky Monkey™ will not, nor endorses any sales or deliveries of cannabis until proper licensing and legal requirements are met.


Are you interested in entering the cannabis market now?

Don’t want to wait to start earning legal revenue BEFORE next year? a Cheeky Monkey™ LoungeStore™ offers this beautiful plan in a license model. Licensee owners may apply for a dispensary licence as they choose, but is not necessary to make this a very profitable business venture. Are you in an “Opt-Out” community? NO PROBLEM! A Cheeky Monkey™ storefront will attract many regular aficionados now, as well as new customers by presenting all this awesomeness in a professional-yet-causal branded store.

Why a license deal?

Storefront owners enjoy the benefit of the co op power with other owners in retail, legal, admin, accounting, marketing, and HR support. This also allows more citizens to enter into this across the state spreading the economic opportunities even in the smallest of communities!

Cheeky Monkey™ is also getting heavily involved in media and print, this includes TV! Imagine all the exposure for your shop!

Good things were meant to be shared! 🙂

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