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Alaska’s Expanding Cannabis Market Sets New Sales Record

alaska-cannabisCannabis sales are booming in Alaska: in July the state sold more weed in one month than the 3-month sales average.

The Alaska Department of Revenue reported that they collected nearly $600,000 in marijuana tax revenue during July–which equals about a third of the total marijuana tax revenue brought in last fiscal year. The figures are the highest to date in Alaska since recreational sales began last October.

During the last fiscal year that ended on June 30, the cannabis industry generated $1.7 million in marijuana tax revenue for the state. In Alaska, state taxes are collected from cannabis farms rather than retail dispensaries.

The Juneau Empire reported that Fairbanks had a total of 12 cannabis farms returning tax revenue, the most of any city in the state. Anchorage came in second with seven farms. Soldotna was third with four farms, and Juneau ended tied for fourth with multiple cities having three farms.

Kalley Mazzie, Alaska’s excise tax supervisor, reported that there was no revenue from outdoor marijuana farms in July, “but it shouldn’t be much longer before we start seeing those crops make their way to market.”

In July, 612 pounds (280 kilograms) of cannabis bud and 369 pounds (170 kilograms) of stems or leaves were sold. The state collects $50 per ounce of bud and $15 per ounce for trimmings.

Despite the record sales, the figures were lower than the state expected. In fiscal year 2017, the state expected $2 million in revenue, but failed to meet the mark. In fiscal year 2018, the state expects $10.6 million in marijuana tax revenue, or an average of $883,000 per month.

Mazzie expects similar numbers when August figures are published in October.


Cheeky Monkey™ Sponsors 2017 Industry Awards at Cannabis Classic

Cheeky Monkey™ had another amazing time at this 2017 Cannabis Classic last weekend! Great turnout from the Alaska cannabis community – we appreciate everyone coming out and showing support.

As a proud sponsor of this year’s Cannabis Classic Industry awards show, Cheeky Monkey™ was happy to see so many great new cannabis products in the mix, and provided medicated High Tai cocktails for the entire crowd. You could also see us handing out freebies and selling our great Cheeky Monkey™ merch – hats, shirts, pipes, Chi Sticks and product samples (where allowed).

This year our Chief Product Officer and owner of Alaska Thunder Skunk farms, Andrew Campbell, does it again!

Andrew came home with both 1st Place and 3rd Place awards in the Cannabis Classic competition. A first place award was given for Alaska Thunder Skunk’s new extract product Slim Hash – a unique strain of cannabis grown for its relaxing and medical purposes (THCV!) in a high grade concentrate form and 3rd place to Peanut Butter Cup Pie – a medicated dessert that was as delicious as it sounds. You can view the official judges results on the Cannabis Classic site.

Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to all the winners! We are so delighted to have such a supporting cannabis community and look forward to more in the future.

Check out this video of Andrew accepting his award below:

Cheeky Monkey™ at the 2017 Cannabis Classic

This year, Cheeky Monkey™ is extremely proud to sponsor the first ever Industry Awards night at one of our favorite cannabis industry events, the Cannabis Classic, this May 20-21st in Anchorage, Alaska!

Featuring the Industry Awards show, an exhibitors fair, and many social networking opportunities, the Cannabis Classic was created to provide a platform for cannabis breeders and growers to gain the due and proper recognition they deserve for their hard work, skills and talent. As a long-term standard for cannabis industry, Cheeky Monkey™ values the Cannabis Classic’s grassroots messaging and top-notch branding. Look for our logo featured on VIP lanyards, attendee handouts, and in this month’s Sensi Magazine.

We’re proud to have participated in past events, and are proud holders of multiple Cannabis Classic awards including: Best Booth, 2nd Place Edibles & Concentrates (2015), and Best Sativa, Best Concentrate, and Highest THC (2016). This year, we aim to broaden our reach in order to expand our marketing and ongoing plans for success, including funding our Chi Stick™ on IndieGoGo.

Come visit the Cheeky Monkey™ booth this year and say hi to our Chief Products Officer, Andrew Campbell, who will have plenty of Cheeky Monkey™ swag to hand out.

Look for our partner company, Alaska Thunder Skunk – also owned and operated by Andrew, who will be entering the competition with a variety of awesome cannabis products, and (depending on the venue’s rules, currently set at the Sullivan Arena) samples may or may not be available – vote for us!


Alaska Debates Allowing On-Site Cannabis Use

cannabis-socialThe Alaska Marijuana Control Board voted 4-1 Tuesday to revive a proposal that would allow cannabis consumption at licensed pot shops.

Following voter approval of recreational marijuana in 2015, the board began work on regulations that would allow retailers to create consumption spaces, similar to a cafe or bar. However, when the board last discussed the proposal in February, they decided to shelve it–citing uncertainty over the future of marijuana given the anti-weed stance of the current Justice Department.

This month, the board appears to have had another change of heart. They decided to begin the process again, inviting board members to submit new on-site consumption regulations.

Of the three proposals submitted, only one met the deadline–and instead of outlining new regulations, the proposal suggested putting a hold on the whole idea.

Loren Jones, who holds the board’s public health seat, said that he’s opposed to being the first state to allow on-site consumption, instead suggesting a two-year moratorium on the proposal. “I don’t think we need to rush into that,” he said.

Jay Butler, the state’s chief medical officer, is also opposed to on-site use, citing second-hand smoke and driver impairment. Butler told The Associated Press, “Even though marijuana is not the same as tobacco smoke, there’s a lot that we don’t know about it. Clinically, we see signs of it being a respiratory irritant in people who smoke frequently.”

Marijuana business owners were hoping the new regulations would be in place before the summer tourist season, but that appears increasingly unlikely. The board meets again in April and should the proposal move forward, it will go out for at least 30 days of public comment.

Cheeky Monkey™ Wins Big at Cannabis Classic

andrew-campbell-cannabis-classic-2016The 2016 Cannabis Classic Autumn Harvest Cup turned into a one-man-show as Cheeky Monkey™ grower and Alaska Thunder Skunk owner Andrew Campbell walked away with three awards!

Andrew scored the first win of the night for highest THC with indica strain Dank the Tank. Tested by the Werc Shop, Dank the Tank totaled 19.35% Total THC, which is (%THCA) x 0.877 + (%THC). Look for some awesome Dank the Tank apparel coming to our Cheeky Monkey™ website soon!

Andrew’s second award came when he won Best Concentrate with the Chi Stick Lemon Delight vape pen with 1456 points (1800 points overall). The Chi Stick boasts a whopping 55% THC. The Chi Stick will be available in select dispensaries in Colorado very soon.

14691036_1812128499028805_6767303253621272944_nLast but not least, Andrew’s third award was for Best Sativa. The strain is 19% THC Sativa. Odin’s Beard scored 1525 points and finished third in Best in Show.

Matanuska Thunder Seeds who won Best in Show with an indica called Bubba Crunch.

The other award winners of the 2016 Autumn Cannabis Classic Harvest Cup include:

• Michelle DelaPena, Best Edible, Brazilian Chimichurri Garlic Compound Butter
• Alaska’s Natural Canna, Highest CBD, CBD Critical Mass (7.35%)
• Joe Potter, Best Hybrid & Top Newcomer, Starkiller OG

HUGE thanks to the entire cannabis community for coming out and honoring us for our labor of love!

<- Andrew &  Dan accepting our awards!

Alaska Set to Open First Recreational Marijuana Shops Feb. 2017

retail-cannabisThis month, the Senate and House Judiciary Committees met to discuss some of the biggest issues facing the Alaska’s marijuana industry.

Much of the discussion was about marijuana social clubs and the lack of clear regulation for the recreational marijuana industry. It’s been two years since Alaskans voted to legalize recreational marijuana but so far there have been zero retail sales and social clubs remain in limbo.

The Marijuana Control Board has been plagued by disorganization and not enough staff. Marijuana advocates have criticized the pace at which the Board has addressed regulations and issued licenses. There have even been allegations of misconduct against Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office Director Cynthia Franklin. In late 2015, Franklin attempted to deny liquor licenses to individuals based on the owners’ involvement with marijuana social clubs.

Advocates aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with the lack of progress. Representative Gabrielle LeDoux, R-Anchorage, took Franklin to task. “Think of some ways where we could make this system of a little bit less cumbersome,” LeDoux told Franklin. “Think about that and maybe get back to me.”

At the meeting with state legislators, Franklin said, “I believe that by the time we arrive at February of 2017 we will have stores that are operating; we will have product manufacturers that are making products, which have been individually approved by this board – which is a tremendous amount of work,” Franklin said. “We will have testing facilities that are testing; and we will have a lot of cultivation facilities growing a lot of legal marijuana in Alaska.”

One of the challenges facing marijuana social clubs is the definition of “public space.” Cannabis social clubs allow members to consume their own marijuana in exchange for a membership fee. Clubs cannot sell marijuana on the premises.

Social clubs in Alaska are neither legal nor illegal. In December 2015, the Marijuana Control Board ruled that they do not have the authority to either ban or allow cannabis social clubs and turned the question over to the Legislature. So far, the Legislature has not addressed the issue.

In August, state Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth issued her opinion that marijuana social clubs violate public consumption laws.

Lindemuth argues that the state defined “in public” to include businesses or a place to which “a substantial group of people has access.” Under those qualifications, the marijuana clubs are considered public and are thus illegal, Lindemuth said.

The 14-page document was written in response to a request from Chris Hladick, commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

At Wednesday’s meeting, LeDoux disagreed with Lindemuth’s definition of public space. She said, “I’m not sure that these clubs meet that kind of ‘public’ definition … I’m troubled that the regulations are making the law instead of the Legislature making the law.”

Join Cheeky Monkey™ at CannaCon Anchorage!

cannacon-blog-headerCheeky Monkey ™ is looking forward to the upcoming CannaCon Anchorage!

The expo is September 9th-10th and brings, “producers, processors, and retailers together with the businesses that support them.” There’s a slew of speakers and seminars scheduled, including industry experts in plant genetics, hydroponics, compliance, and more. There’s even a budtender certification course.

For attendees looking to open a dispensary and get involved in the cannabis industry, Cheeky Monkey ™ has the tools and support to get your own Cheeky Monkey ™ franchise retail shop up and running. A franchise joins you to a team and a community which assists in operating a business and navigating the unique cannabis regulation processes.

Cheeky Monkey™ is a new branded retail concept offering the sale of high-quality cannabis, vape, and head shop products, in a sophisticated club-like environment. The concept also offers more retail space for vendors and diverse product categories than standard shops. This enables both experienced and novice consumers to shop, be educated, and exposed to other wonderful product categories in the growing Cannabis market.

Cheeky Monkey ™ franchise retail shops provide a modern, shopper focused experience making shopping enjoyable, comfortable, and independent. So, come chat with us at our booth at CannaCon to learn more about Cheeky Monkey ™ franchise opportunities, and visit our website,

Mat Su Valley Moratorium Vetoed

Citizens and Advocates in the Valley Demonstrate the Value in Unity and Strength

matsu-borough-meeting-1Borough initiative 16-046 was vetoed by Borough Mayor Vern Halter and is a win for Mat Su Valley citizens in Alaska.

This veto keeps an unenforceable and unnecessary statute from being put into place since licenses will not even be available until after the moratorium was to end.

What this unanimous initiative vote by the council revealed the obvious bias against a legal and very safe industry. This bias lead the elected Representatives to the point of wasting Borough time and resources. This begs the question, were they just trying to make a statement? Is it really worth the citizens resources for actions such as these?

matsu-borough-meeting-2Regardless of the intent, Mayor Halter logically and rationally made a decision which will save time, resources, and legal fights.
A coalition of Borough residents and Alaskan citizens stood loud and proud in front of the Assembly. They spoke with respect, they spoke with knowledgeable testimonies.

Craftsman and Doctors, Lawyers and Laymen. Families and Farmers. Grandparents and even our very own Alaskan Mushers stood together.

They stand as Alaskans. They stand as Americans.

-Cheeky Monkey Blog Staff

National Cannabis Week Post 420 Wrap-Up

vancouver-420As National Cannabis Week (or “420” week), comes to an end we wanted to look back on one of the collectively biggest pro marijuana series of events in history! As widespread cannabis legalization and acceptance continues to grow every year (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska already have full recreational laws), 2016 was no different featuring events around the world for pro cannabis rallies, social gatherings, competitions, smoke-outs and weddings.

Here’s a sampling of events that went on around the world:

Taking place at the Pot Luck Events Club, a private cannabis smoking and events club, Alaska’s 2nd Annual 420 Blaze fest was a huge success with cannabis aficionados catered by our own Chief Product Officer Andrew Campbell, also of Alaska Thunder Skunk and participating with his new strain of the month, Matanuska Thunder Monkey. Social events, product samplings, and a “best strain” competition took place with first place winning a trip to Amsterdam. Cheeky Monkey™ was in attendance to support a great example of legal cannabis bringing the Alaska community together.

Denver and many parts of Colorado had some of the largest events ever like the annual downtown smoke-out rally, the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards, 420 Eve on the Rocks a huge concert held at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and hundreds of individual shop, grower, and celebrity events statewide.

In Vermont, students at the University of Vermont campus gathered to celebrate the event, and in New Hampshire, dozens of people smoked marijuana on the Statehouse lawn in Concord despite either state having no recreational / legalization laws.

In Nevada, which legalized medical cannabis use in 2013, many cannabis businesses celebrated enormous grand opening ceremonies, such as the Cannabis Chapel, which offered customers a pot-themed wedding package including a cannabis bouquet.

Internationally, this year the U.N. met to discuss descheduling marijuana as a dangerous drug worldwide, which let to many rallies in other countries as well: India, the Philippines, France, Germany and Portugal all have individual pro-cannabis marches and rallies. In Canada, looking to legalization nationwide in 2017, a hugely successful 420 rally was held in Vancouver in celebration of their country’s growing acceptance.

Overall, we see this as fantastic proof that cannabis is becoming more and more normalized across the world.

Happy 420 week all!



Cannabis Legislation: Fighting Fire with Fire

ak-cannabisI recently listened to a podcast by our affiliate The Musing Monkey and the interview with Ryan Smith (you can find it here). I was touched by the stories of medical cannabis patients who have suffered at the hands of the bureaucrats in Alaska like Cynthia Franklin, who is the head of the Marijuana Control Board, that use their position and authority to push their own agenda regardless of the law and who it hurts. This isn’t something unique to Alaska though, it’s a huge problem across the United States from presidential hopefuls like Christie to small time pleebs like Cynthia Franklin. Well I have a warning for politicians and bureaucrats like them. The cannabis industry is a growing power and influence in this country.

We are all aware of the power that big money has in politics and the influence it plays in shaping laws and regulation in this country. While it may disgust us on many levels, it’s not something that’s going to go away. Well I say, let’s fight fire with fire. There will be a powerful cannabis lobby and we will have a say in the future of elections and government in states like Alaska as well as the rest of the country. People in power and authority who insist on abusing their powers, usurping powers (listen to the podcast) from others, and denying citizens their rights, will have a day of reckoning. Be assured that political donations, lobbying, ad campaigns, and grassroots movement support will sway future elections and remove those who would deny Americans their rights. The politicians today who stand in the way of legalized cannabis, a natural plant that’s a safe and healthy alternative to alcohol, opiates and other pharmaceuticals, will be out of job tomorrow.

I’m talking about using the system that, for decades, has been used against cannabis by the big pharma, paper, textiles and other companies, to change the conversation and the laws and set cannabis free. Let’s put our money and growing power to work and fight fire with fire and replace bureaucrats like Cynthia Franklin with representatives who serve the people and protect our rights, not stomp on them. It’s time to put moralist bureaucrats, whether religious, political, or otherwise who think their opinion and beliefs about cannabis are the only right ones out on the street and out of a job.


– Joshua Furlong, Cheeky Monkey™ Secretary & COO

Joshua Furlong is a Colorado native and businessman. He is co-founder of Cheeky Monkey™. He currently lives in Denver and has worked most recently in the New Home Sales market. He has a Bachelor’s of Business from Colorado Technical University. He has worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq and spent his early career as a professional driver in the trucking industry. His personal philosophy is Veritas in virtus per libertas (Truth in virtue through Liberty).

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