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Cheeky Monkey™ Sponsors 2017 Industry Awards at Cannabis Classic

Cheeky Monkey™ had another amazing time at this 2017 Cannabis Classic last weekend! Great turnout from the Alaska cannabis community – we appreciate everyone coming out and showing support.

As a proud sponsor of this year’s Cannabis Classic Industry awards show, Cheeky Monkey™ was happy to see so many great new cannabis products in the mix, and provided medicated High Tai cocktails for the entire crowd. You could also see us handing out freebies and selling our great Cheeky Monkey™ merch – hats, shirts, pipes, Chi Sticks and product samples (where allowed).

This year our Chief Product Officer and owner of Alaska Thunder Skunk farms, Andrew Campbell, does it again!

Andrew came home with both 1st Place and 3rd Place awards in the Cannabis Classic competition. A first place award was given for Alaska Thunder Skunk’s new extract product Slim Hash – a unique strain of cannabis grown for its relaxing and medical purposes (THCV!) in a high grade concentrate form and 3rd place to Peanut Butter Cup Pie – a medicated dessert that was as delicious as it sounds. You can view the official judges results on the Cannabis Classic site.

Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to all the winners! We are so delighted to have such a supporting cannabis community and look forward to more in the future.

Check out this video of Andrew accepting his award below:

Cheeky Monkey™ at the 2017 Cannabis Classic

This year, Cheeky Monkey™ is extremely proud to sponsor the first ever Industry Awards night at one of our favorite cannabis industry events, the Cannabis Classic, this May 20-21st in Anchorage, Alaska!

Featuring the Industry Awards show, an exhibitors fair, and many social networking opportunities, the Cannabis Classic was created to provide a platform for cannabis breeders and growers to gain the due and proper recognition they deserve for their hard work, skills and talent. As a long-term standard for cannabis industry, Cheeky Monkey™ values the Cannabis Classic’s grassroots messaging and top-notch branding. Look for our logo featured on VIP lanyards, attendee handouts, and in this month’s Sensi Magazine.

We’re proud to have participated in past events, and are proud holders of multiple Cannabis Classic awards including: Best Booth, 2nd Place Edibles & Concentrates (2015), and Best Sativa, Best Concentrate, and Highest THC (2016). This year, we aim to broaden our reach in order to expand our marketing and ongoing plans for success, including funding our Chi Stick™ on IndieGoGo.

Come visit the Cheeky Monkey™ booth this year and say hi to our Chief Products Officer, Andrew Campbell, who will have plenty of Cheeky Monkey™ swag to hand out.

Look for our partner company, Alaska Thunder Skunk – also owned and operated by Andrew, who will be entering the competition with a variety of awesome cannabis products, and (depending on the venue’s rules, currently set at the Sullivan Arena) samples may or may not be available – vote for us!


Cheeky Monkey™ Wins Big at Cannabis Classic

andrew-campbell-cannabis-classic-2016The 2016 Cannabis Classic Autumn Harvest Cup turned into a one-man-show as Cheeky Monkey™ grower and Alaska Thunder Skunk owner Andrew Campbell walked away with three awards!

Andrew scored the first win of the night for highest THC with indica strain Dank the Tank. Tested by the Werc Shop, Dank the Tank totaled 19.35% Total THC, which is (%THCA) x 0.877 + (%THC). Look for some awesome Dank the Tank apparel coming to our Cheeky Monkey™ website soon!

Andrew’s second award came when he won Best Concentrate with the Chi Stick Lemon Delight vape pen with 1456 points (1800 points overall). The Chi Stick boasts a whopping 55% THC. The Chi Stick will be available in select dispensaries in Colorado very soon.

14691036_1812128499028805_6767303253621272944_nLast but not least, Andrew’s third award was for Best Sativa. The strain is 19% THC Sativa. Odin’s Beard scored 1525 points and finished third in Best in Show.

Matanuska Thunder Seeds who won Best in Show with an indica called Bubba Crunch.

The other award winners of the 2016 Autumn Cannabis Classic Harvest Cup include:

• Michelle DelaPena, Best Edible, Brazilian Chimichurri Garlic Compound Butter
• Alaska’s Natural Canna, Highest CBD, CBD Critical Mass (7.35%)
• Joe Potter, Best Hybrid & Top Newcomer, Starkiller OG

HUGE thanks to the entire cannabis community for coming out and honoring us for our labor of love!

<- Andrew &  Dan accepting our awards!

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