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Recreational Marijuana Won’t Tax Nevada’s Budget

Nevada state regulators are confident that launching the recreational marijuana market won’t strain the state budget, in large part because they plan to use funds from the state’s medical marijuana program to offset startup costs.

Democratic state Sen. Tick Segerblom told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that up front costs include licensing and inspections of the new dispensaries.

Question 2, which legalized recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, was approved by voters in November. The ballot measure takes effect on January 1, making it legal for adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. The first retail shops are expected to open in 2018.

In fiscal year 2016, taxes from Nevada’s medical marijuana program raised $761,000, and $190,000 went to the health agency for administration of the program. The other $571,000 when to the public schools.

Segerblom said that to ensure a smooth rollout of recreational pot sales, he will propose to start such sales ahead of time using the medical marijuana dispensaries now in operation. This would give the Tax Department the time it needs to ensure the ballot measure is implemented without problems.

“The department is already working to develop temporary regulations,” said Deonne Contine, executive director of the Tax Department. “We intend to hold a public workshop very early in 2017 and then have our temporary regulations adopted so we can begin issuing licenses.”

In contrast, Massachusetts, which also approved recreation marijuana in November, is considering using the state’s rainy day fund to the tune of $30 million to implement the program by 2018, according to the Boston Globe. The money would be repaid from tax revenues generated by recreational cannabis sales.

Supreme Court Denies Suit Against Colorado Marijuana Laws

marijuana-bankingBy a 6-2 majority, the Supreme Court has declined to hear a suit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado. Two conservative justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, said they would have heard the case.

Legal proceedings began after Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2014. Nebraska and Oklahoma cited the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), saying that marijuana can’t be
regulated at the state level. Additionally, the two states claimed that marijuana purchased in Colorado and brought over state lines was a burden on law enforcement and their criminal justice systems, as well as a danger to the health and safety of children.

“This was a meritless lawsuit, and the court made the right decision,” Mason Tvert of the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project said. “States have every right to regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana, just as Nebraska and Oklahoma have the right to maintain their failed prohibition policies. Colorado has done more to control marijuana than just about any other state in the nation.”

Randy Barnett, an attorney who litigated a Supreme Court case exploring the limits of the CSA, claimed that, “Congress has no power to compel states to prohibit the cultivation, possession and transfer of marijuana. In the absence of such state prohibition, all such activities are completely legal under state law, notwithstanding that they are illegal under federal law,” he wrote last year.

America’s First Cannabis Resort Opens in Colorado

budandbreakfastCannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2012, but options for tourists looking for a place to light up are still relatively hard to find. Consumption laws in the state prohibit smoking cannabis openly or publicly–making lighting up in parks, music venues, bars, or basically any place with people, illegal. However, hotels and bed and breakfasts in the state are allowed to choose whether or not guests can consume marijuana on the premises, though most hotels have opted to ban any type of smoking.

One pot-friendly exception in the Colorado hospitality industry is the MaryJane Group. Founded in 2014 by Joel Schneider, the company bills itself as the “leader and creator of the canna-lifestyle hospitality sector.” MaryJane already owns a successful chain of pot-friendly B&Bs in the state, with locations in Denver, Silverthorne, and Colorado Springs.

On Friday, the company announced plans to open the country’s first cannabis resort. Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch, a 414 acre all-inclusive getaway in Parshall, Colorado, will open for this year’s summer season, July 1 – September 30.

From the MaryJane Group’s press release:

Located in the Rocky Mountains approximately 1.5 hours from downtown Denver and within 25 minutes of the Bud+Breakfast at Silverthorne location, the ranch is near some of the state’s most beloved outdoor destinations, The resort combines recreational marijuana use and education with a traditional ranch experience to create the country’s first-ever cannabis resort.

Guests will enjoy renowned Bud+Breakfast dishes throughout the day including “Wake and Bake Breakfast,” “420” Happy Hour, dinner and late night dessert. Complimentary drinks including soda, water, beer and wine will also be available to guests throughout their stay. Guests will also enjoy unlimited access to equipment and guides for outdoor activities, plus arts and wellness classes like Canvas and Cannabis and Cannabis Yoga. The resort will offer a variety of courses, workshops and interactive learning series focused on cannabis-related sciences, cultivation and pairings. Sessions will be led by a respected group of pharmacologic cannabis pioneers, wellness coaches, yogis, culinary wizards and dispensary owners. Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch, which is situated on the Williams Fork River, has hot tubs, nightly entertainment and recreational activities such as bocce, river tubing, fly fishing, horseshoes and beach volleyball, and provides daily shuttles to lakes and hot springs within 20 minutes of the property and shuttles to and from Silverthorne, Colorado. For an additional fee, guests can go on horseback riding and ATV tours.

Camp Bud+Breakfast Resort will begin accepting reservations on March 15.

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