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Cheeky Monkey™ Sponsors 2017 Industry Awards at Cannabis Classic

Cheeky Monkey™ had another amazing time at this 2017 Cannabis Classic last weekend! Great turnout from the Alaska cannabis community – we appreciate everyone coming out and showing support.

As a proud sponsor of this year’s Cannabis Classic Industry awards show, Cheeky Monkey™ was happy to see so many great new cannabis products in the mix, and provided medicated High Tai cocktails for the entire crowd. You could also see us handing out freebies and selling our great Cheeky Monkey™ merch – hats, shirts, pipes, Chi Sticks and product samples (where allowed).

This year our Chief Product Officer and owner of Alaska Thunder Skunk farms, Andrew Campbell, does it again!

Andrew came home with both 1st Place and 3rd Place awards in the Cannabis Classic competition. A first place award was given for Alaska Thunder Skunk’s new extract product Slim Hash – a unique strain of cannabis grown for its relaxing and medical purposes (THCV!) in a high grade concentrate form and 3rd place to Peanut Butter Cup Pie – a medicated dessert that was as delicious as it sounds. You can view the official judges results on the Cannabis Classic site.

Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to all the winners! We are so delighted to have such a supporting cannabis community and look forward to more in the future.

Check out this video of Andrew accepting his award below:

Cheeky Monkey™ at the 2017 Cannabis Classic

This year, Cheeky Monkey™ is extremely proud to sponsor the first ever Industry Awards night at one of our favorite cannabis industry events, the Cannabis Classic, this May 20-21st in Anchorage, Alaska!

Featuring the Industry Awards show, an exhibitors fair, and many social networking opportunities, the Cannabis Classic was created to provide a platform for cannabis breeders and growers to gain the due and proper recognition they deserve for their hard work, skills and talent. As a long-term standard for cannabis industry, Cheeky Monkey™ values the Cannabis Classic’s grassroots messaging and top-notch branding. Look for our logo featured on VIP lanyards, attendee handouts, and in this month’s Sensi Magazine.

We’re proud to have participated in past events, and are proud holders of multiple Cannabis Classic awards including: Best Booth, 2nd Place Edibles & Concentrates (2015), and Best Sativa, Best Concentrate, and Highest THC (2016). This year, we aim to broaden our reach in order to expand our marketing and ongoing plans for success, including funding our Chi Stick™ on IndieGoGo.

Come visit the Cheeky Monkey™ booth this year and say hi to our Chief Products Officer, Andrew Campbell, who will have plenty of Cheeky Monkey™ swag to hand out.

Look for our partner company, Alaska Thunder Skunk – also owned and operated by Andrew, who will be entering the competition with a variety of awesome cannabis products, and (depending on the venue’s rules, currently set at the Sullivan Arena) samples may or may not be available – vote for us!


Cheeky Monkey™ IndieGoGo is LIVE and Running!

Hello Cheeky Monkey™ followers! With great joy we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign to support Cheeky Monkey™ and our first high-grade vape product, the Chi Stick™. This is YOUR opportunity to get involved in making the Cheeky Monkey™ vision for future cannabis store-fronts into a reality.

Cheeky Monkey™ is more than just a brand, more than a retail store or branded products: it’s a way of life, a life style that every adult should be able to enjoy cannabis without fear of stigma or persecution and without shame. We are changing the conversation, you are changing the conversation.

As of April 2017, we have launched our IndieGoGo campaign to raise $150,000 to release our first product, the Chi-Stick. This award-winning THC vape cartridge will be the avenue for us to take Cheeky Monkey™ into our next stage of development and provide the revenue and marketing to enable us to open the first Cheeky Monkey LoungeStore in Denver, CO in 2018.

We are asking each of you to go to our IndieGoGo campaign and help us bring Cheeky Monkey™ to life by making whatever donation you feel you can. Every dollar you donate will go into bringing Cheeky Monkey™ from a startup concept into a revenue generating, conversation changing reality. Imagine being able to say that you were there at the beginning.

Please watch this great video produced by our Chief Product Officer, Andrew Campbell to get an idea of our vision:

We are also asking that each of you tell your friends, co-workers, and family members to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Share Cheeky Monkey™ and help us change the way that society and culture view cannabis. Help us bring cannabis out of the black light and into the day light and help us build a successful business that wasn’t created by Big Money and Big Business, but was created by a group of everyday people who shared a dream and vision, a dream and vision that you have shared with us on this journey.

Visit Our IndieGoGo Campaign Today!
-Joshua Furlong
President and Co-Founder

Cheeky Monkey™: A Concept for Any State’s Cannabis Industry

cheeky-monkey-cannabis-2016With all the uncertainty in the cannabis industry after the elections, I felt it was a good time to explain why Cheeky Monkey™ is the answer for any regulatory situation.

First let me say, the cannabis genie is out of the bottle. There is no way the Federal government can put it back.

Granted they can stifle, delay, hinder, and persecute the cannabis industry, but they will not destroy it again. Not with over 60% of the population agreeing that cannabis needs to be legalized in one form or another.

So, what is an investor to do during all the uncertainty and still make money and enter this new green rush in the United States?

This is where Cheeky Monkey™ has developed a concept to account for regulatory issues and even full cannabis repeal.

There will always be cannabis consumers. Whether they get it from the black market or a legal and healthy market like the one in Colorado. For several decades’ smoke shops have been thriving in all 50 states catering to the cannabis culture.

A non-cannabis Cheeky Monkey™ LoungeStore™ has a wide range of revenue generating products that are legal in all 50 states. We take the cannabis smoking culture and brings it into one place where those who enjoy cannabis, vaping, coffee, and the culture can share without guilt or shame the community of cannabis in an elegant location.

A Cheeky Monkey™ LoungeStore™ can be set up in any state and most countries and begin to generate revenue immediately. Once cannabis is legal, the LoungeStore™ owner can apply for and begin selling cannabis. Unlike most cannabis business models, there is no fear of months or even years of non-revenue generation while regulation and policy are in place.

So how do you reduce risk and get an early start on the booming cannabis industry?

Invest in Cheeky Monkey™ and let us show you the future of cannabis!

Want to see more? Visit our investors page or contact us for more details.


Warm regards,

Joshua Furlong – President

Alaska Set to Open First Recreational Marijuana Shops Feb. 2017

retail-cannabisThis month, the Senate and House Judiciary Committees met to discuss some of the biggest issues facing the Alaska’s marijuana industry.

Much of the discussion was about marijuana social clubs and the lack of clear regulation for the recreational marijuana industry. It’s been two years since Alaskans voted to legalize recreational marijuana but so far there have been zero retail sales and social clubs remain in limbo.

The Marijuana Control Board has been plagued by disorganization and not enough staff. Marijuana advocates have criticized the pace at which the Board has addressed regulations and issued licenses. There have even been allegations of misconduct against Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office Director Cynthia Franklin. In late 2015, Franklin attempted to deny liquor licenses to individuals based on the owners’ involvement with marijuana social clubs.

Advocates aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with the lack of progress. Representative Gabrielle LeDoux, R-Anchorage, took Franklin to task. “Think of some ways where we could make this system of a little bit less cumbersome,” LeDoux told Franklin. “Think about that and maybe get back to me.”

At the meeting with state legislators, Franklin said, “I believe that by the time we arrive at February of 2017 we will have stores that are operating; we will have product manufacturers that are making products, which have been individually approved by this board – which is a tremendous amount of work,” Franklin said. “We will have testing facilities that are testing; and we will have a lot of cultivation facilities growing a lot of legal marijuana in Alaska.”

One of the challenges facing marijuana social clubs is the definition of “public space.” Cannabis social clubs allow members to consume their own marijuana in exchange for a membership fee. Clubs cannot sell marijuana on the premises.

Social clubs in Alaska are neither legal nor illegal. In December 2015, the Marijuana Control Board ruled that they do not have the authority to either ban or allow cannabis social clubs and turned the question over to the Legislature. So far, the Legislature has not addressed the issue.

In August, state Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth issued her opinion that marijuana social clubs violate public consumption laws.

Lindemuth argues that the state defined “in public” to include businesses or a place to which “a substantial group of people has access.” Under those qualifications, the marijuana clubs are considered public and are thus illegal, Lindemuth said.

The 14-page document was written in response to a request from Chris Hladick, commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

At Wednesday’s meeting, LeDoux disagreed with Lindemuth’s definition of public space. She said, “I’m not sure that these clubs meet that kind of ‘public’ definition … I’m troubled that the regulations are making the law instead of the Legislature making the law.”

President’s Opinion: But What if it is Food?

This week, Cheeky Monkey™ President & CEO Johnny Furlong posts an opinion article, submitted to local news, regarding the vote to prohibit cannabis business in the Mat-Su Borough in Alaska:

op-ed-johnnyI ask the citizens of the Mat-Su Borough to please vote ‘NO” on Prop B-1 October 4th, which would prohibit all commercial cannabis activities in the ENTIRE borough. Allow the free citizenry of this Valley to enjoy their freedom of commerce, speech, religion, and pursuit of happiness. A “NO” vote on Prop B-1 means we take cannabis away from an unregulated market (who does not care about your children) and only allow access to adults 21 and up. So, even if you don’t approve of cannabis, voting “NO” on Prop B-1 will better keep cannabis out of the hands of our children.

The world Anti-Doping Agency changed the rules which allows Olympian Athletes to consume cannabis up to the day before they participate in an event. This is because athletes say cannabis naturally helps with endurance, inflammation, and helps increase the lungs airflow. Both Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt have openly said they use cannabis and they are highly successful and disciplined individuals. They are living Proof that Cannabis is NOT a dangerous drug…again.

If cannabis is food, like coffee or spinach, the empirical truth would show it is a botanical food like every other vegetable and plant. Per the FDA’s own website, cannabis fits the scientific definition of a dietary/botanical food supplement.

Cannabis is a dietary supplement with immense wellness and nutritional value no matter why or how you choose to consume it. This also means there is no difference between “Medical” and “Recreational” use. Consuming cannabis is like eating an orange. You eat an orange because you enjoy the flavor and textures, and smells. You also consume orange concentrates called dietary supplements, or ‘vitamins” for health. Either way, the nutritional effects are always the same. Thus, consuming cannabis should never be regulated based on your intent or your PRIVATE health needs. As a food, cannabis is a true pleasure to consume and has tremendous preventative and restorative properties.

Just as you can not overdose on Vitamin C without ingesting unrealistic amounts at one time, neither can you overdose on cannabis unless you ingested 1500 pounds in 15 minutes. This is because your body takes as much nutrients as it can absorb and the rest goes out the ole’ “EXIT”.

In short, this means that no matter why you consume cannabis, it is healthy and nutritional. Even the nutrient called THC which produces the, “high” effect is very enjoyable and beneficial. THC seems to be the only bad guy among all its healthful botanical kind. This is even though THC has natural benefits more powerful than its cousin chocolate in releasing endorphins, or a foreign substance like Cortisone for anti-inflammation.

There are more similarities with botanical foods which deserves some musing. Like oranges, cannabis has no Public Safety data of deaths, or crimes due to the “high”. Current cannabis crime statistics are based on the actions leading up to and consuming cannabis (all non violent actions). The arrests are not based on what is done under the chemical effects of cannabis after it is consumed. Does this sound like good law to you? Is this how all law is equally applied? If so, if you simply have a beer in your fridge and own a car, this warrants a prison term for drunk driving. Doesn’t matter if you were not drinking and driving, under this application of law, the guilt is laid upon you before you actually do anything. Yet, unlike alcohol, drugs, and pharmaceuticals, cannabis remains nutritious with statistically very low Public Safety problems in connection with the “high”.

If you know someone, or you yourself lost your, “moral sense of judgment” while on cannabis and “blacked out”, I would say a reasonable answer is that it probably was laced with a man made drug or because you were mixing it with other drugs (including alcohol).

Since cannabis has only been sourced from the Black Market for so many years, we have no means to know what and /if the cannabis was tainted which caused adverse effects. Yet, we have 40 years of Alaskan history of personal cannabis use, decades in CA, and more states every year with NO measurable adverse effects. Maybe if someone did something they regretted while consuming cannabis, it just seems easier to blame a plant instead of accepting responsibility for individual poor choices.

“why now all this amazing good news about cannabis after all these years?”

The reason all the strong evidence and positive testimonies seem recent is because it used to be if you simply held the plant in your hand, you may have your house raided by armed LEOs and be hauled off to FEDERAL PRISON. You would have your family ripped apart and your children put in foster care. You would lose your job and your good reputation of being a taxpayer, good neighbor, hard worker, and possibly a mature Christian. These are good reasons for responsible cannabis users to just be quiet. It seems the only violence associated with cannabis is brought on by traffickers and government agencies. If cannabis is a food, the only reason cannabis is in the hands of violent traffickers is because the government created the opportunity.

Prohibition does not work and is not moral. It restricts access and information from the citizenry depriving them of education provided by exposure and freedom of speech. Prohibition has put millions of good people in prison and excused the governments to steal property and separate loved ones. This seems far more dangerous to our children’s futures then trying to completely ban a plant they will find easier without commercialization.
Thank you,

Johnny M. Furlong is President of Cheeky Monkey Inc, Property owner, Voter, and Christian Minister
Wasilla, Alaska

Join Cheeky Monkey™ at CannaCon Anchorage!

cannacon-blog-headerCheeky Monkey ™ is looking forward to the upcoming CannaCon Anchorage!

The expo is September 9th-10th and brings, “producers, processors, and retailers together with the businesses that support them.” There’s a slew of speakers and seminars scheduled, including industry experts in plant genetics, hydroponics, compliance, and more. There’s even a budtender certification course.

For attendees looking to open a dispensary and get involved in the cannabis industry, Cheeky Monkey ™ has the tools and support to get your own Cheeky Monkey ™ franchise retail shop up and running. A franchise joins you to a team and a community which assists in operating a business and navigating the unique cannabis regulation processes.

Cheeky Monkey™ is a new branded retail concept offering the sale of high-quality cannabis, vape, and head shop products, in a sophisticated club-like environment. The concept also offers more retail space for vendors and diverse product categories than standard shops. This enables both experienced and novice consumers to shop, be educated, and exposed to other wonderful product categories in the growing Cannabis market.

Cheeky Monkey ™ franchise retail shops provide a modern, shopper focused experience making shopping enjoyable, comfortable, and independent. So, come chat with us at our booth at CannaCon to learn more about Cheeky Monkey ™ franchise opportunities, and visit our website,

Setting Goals to Achieve Your Dreams

goalsWe have a saying at Cheeky Monkey: Entrepreneurs will live a few years like most people won’t, so they can spend the rest of their lives living like most people can’t. It’s been a rough and destitute year for us. If anyone tells you that starting a new company or making a career change is easy, they are liars. For the vast majority of us, we don’t have the money and background to just stop working that J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and launch into a new career or start up a new company. But if you have the determination and drive and vision, you can go places that most people are afraid to attempt to go.

While Cheeky Monkey is still a start up and not generating revenue yet, we’ve come so far in the last year. How did we do it? Determination to meet our goals! Determination to not fail, to better the lives of our families, to WIN! Here is how you get through the tough and lean times, by setting goals.

First, set a long term goal, make it big, HUGE. It needs to be achievable, but it can be ostentatious. If you’re like me and 42 years old, setting a goal to be the first man on Mars is not realistic. But owning a 42 foot catamaran and sailing around the world to exotic ports and eating in the finest restaurants and shopping the finest stores is doable. What is it you dream about, desire? Make that your big goal, your dream outcome. I call it The Dream. (I even have a whole Pinterest board with this title)

Second, set medium goals. These are goals that are big in their own right, but not as big as the Dream! I spent almost four years working in Iraq from 2006 to 2009. It was the hardest job I’ve ever had. My big goal was to get my boat, but Iraq was more about fulfilling the medium goals. Get out of debt, buy a Mustang, and set up financially to come back to the US and get my degree. It’s important to visualize your goals everyday. I pinned a picture of the Mustang and my daughter up on my plywood wall in my tent and looked at them everyday. They kept my focus on what was important, even when I thought I was in hell. I got my Mustang, gave my daughter all the things I didn’t have as a child, and when I got home, I got my degree in Business. The Mustang brings up a good point, reward yourself along the way. When you reach a goal, give yourself a present. It helps feed that determination and gives a sense of accomplishment.

Third, set short term goals. These are doable, daily, weekly and monthly goals. Anything that will take over a year goes in the medium goals category. To meet my medium goals, I had to excell at my job to move up and earn more pay. This meant setting tasks and goals for myself that set me apart from my co-workers and improved the company’s bottom line. For instance in Iraq, I took the overnight shift. No one wanted it, I took it and set a goal to make it the most efficient and productive shift of all. It wasn’t easy, but by setting goals as simple as I’m going to shave 10 minutes off the route tonight, I became the foreman within one year and ran my department for the next three.

The last bit of advice is be flexible. Don’t flex on The Dream, but the goals in between need to be fluid. One of my other bits of sage themes. “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean. You can’t be rigid, you have to take on the challenges and when you fail to reach a goal, revisit why it failed and adjust your sails. But let nothing stand in your way to achieving your Dream.


– Joshua Furlong, Cheeky Monkey™ Chief of Operations

Joshua Furlong is a Colorado native and businessman. He is co-founder of Cheeky Monkey™. He currently lives in Denver and has worked most recently in the New Home Sales market. He has a Bachelor’s of Business from Colorado Technical University. He has worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq and spent his early career as a professional driver in the trucking industry. His personal philosophy is Veritas in virtus per libertas (Truth in virtue through Liberty).

Cheeky Monkey™ Attends Cannabis Assembly

andrew-ktuuThis week, the Anchorage Cannabis Assembly met to discuss the roll out of upcoming marijuana business licenses and to discuss support for continued cannabis legalization. Cheeky Monkey™ attended and Chief Product Officer, Andrew Campbell spoke to need for legal, safe places for Alaska residents and tourists to consume cannabis. Many community members agreed to expanded allowance of cannabis and broad support was shown for Alaska marijuana business licences in general.

Another topic of discussion was zoning laws. While the federal government recommends any cannabis business keeps a distance of 1000 feet from any school zone, Anchorage cannabis community members worry that could hinder the growth of business due to the small sizes of Alaska’s cities. “I can tell you personally from downtown and different areas that that 1000 feet is really going to hinder a lot of businesses doing business in Anchorage,” says Teresa Collins with Pot Luck events. Of course, cannabis community members (and Cheeky Monkey™) don’t condone underage usage of cannabis, so a balance will have to be found.

An amendment to licensing laws could allow marijuana to be consumed where it’s purchased but separate from other customers and employees in a cafe style environment, which is Cheeky Monkey™’s end goal.



Stay tuned to Cheeky Monkey™ and KTUU for further cannabis legalization information!



Cannabis Clubs and Weed Bars in Alaska!

Screenshot (120)

Cheeky Monkey celebrates with other Alaska entrepreneurs today as one big step of Cannabis legalization plants a hardy foot forward!

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board (MCB) is made up of five citizens elected by Governor Walker. The MCB is to help clarify regulations ect, and pass it to the legislator.

In the Anchorage Daily News today, Laurel Andrews reported, “The change allows for people to buy marijuana at a retail store and consume it in a designated area on the premises. The board voted 3-2 in favor of the amendment, with Loren Jones, public health board member, and Peter Mlynarik, the public safety board member, dissenting.”

Allowing for a purchase and consumption environment demonstrates the collaboration of all involved. Thank you EVERYONE who helped show the MCB and the citizens of this state that we are here to see cannabis freedoms win an important position. Thank you to the MCB members who have taken their personal time to help consider this new old world of cannabis!

This is a BIG win. This is all part of the ‪#‎CheekyMonkey‬ vision. The legalization of ‪#‎Cannabis‬ is going to be beneficial as the truth about it being a food and not a drug, is proven through our industries example.‪#‎BeResponsible‬ entrepreneurs! celebrating the community by giving access to consumption!

Join the Cheeky Monkey™ Club!

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